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Tirumala Tirupati seva details and timings

One can preplan the entire Tirmula Tirupati Lord Balaji Darshan by visiting http://www.ttdsevaonline.com/Home.aspx. and book eSeva, eAccomidation and even one can donate using eDonation.

All the bookings done are immediate. You will receive an email with the attachment of the booking immediately. No standing in lines for long time. Everything you need for the Tirumala Tirupati darshan can be done easily.

These eSeva’s/darshan’s are available online

Seva Name

Tickets allowed

Max persons





Rs. 120

Nijapada Darshanam



Rs. 200

Thomala Seva



Rs. 220




Rs. 220

Visesha Pooja



Rs. 3000

Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu



Rs. 2500




Rs. 1000




Rs. 3000

Tirumala Tirupati seva Vasanthotsavam ticket:-
In my recent visit, I booked Vasanthotsavam ticket, where you can take 10 people on a ticket(update:- when last checked TTD portal only allows to buy Single Ticket in this category). The cost was Rs 3000/-. You have to report Central Reservation Office to get the internet ticket converted to a regular ticket then report to Vaibhavotsava mandapam which is right next to Ram Bagicha building 1 by the allotted time on the e-ticket. In Vasanthotsavam, the girhastas will be seated in front of the utsav vigrahas where as the rest will be seated behind. It took around 40 minutes to finish the Vasanthotsavam. Then we were asked to go to the temple for the darshan. The problem started here, they asked every one on Vasanthotsavam ticket to report at the Supadham counter which in turn mixed with free darshan people. It took around 2 hours to complete the darshan. On Vasanthotsavam ticket, I have received one silk dupatta and a cotton blouse piece along with 10 small laddus  and 10 vadas(you have to ask otherwise, they will only give 10 small laddus). Check on the back of the ticket for more information on the prasadam.


My sister on the other hand went for Kalyanotsavam. She was taken to the main temple and the utsav is done in the main temple. After the pooja, they went directly to darshin. The total time it took was around an hour. You will have to convert the internet ticket to the regular ticket at the Central Reservation Office. After the pooja, she received one silk dupatta and cotton blouse piece along with 2 big laddus, 5 small laddus. The timing for the pooja will be mentioned on the e-ticket.

Important Note:

  • The above information can change any time.
  • Pilgrim can book minimum of 3 days in advance and maximum of 90 days.
  • For Suprabhatam, Nijapada Darshanam, Thomala & Archana Seva – Two same seva tickets can be booked on same seva date
  • Other Seva’s — Only one ticket can be booked.
  • Accompanying pilgrim details & Photo should also be uploaded while booking seva.
  • For example: Seva – Kalyanotsavam need to upload 2 Photos, Vasanthotsavam need to upload 10 Photos , Visesha Pooja need to upload 5 Photos.
  • To know more about Seva Timings & Reporting time please visit


Tirumala Tirupati Accommodation Reservation:-

One can even book cottage/rooms online. The price range for the rooms/cottages are between Rs. 100 to Rs. 2000. Please click here for detailed information.

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  1. Admin,
    At what time e-Seva quota will be released…?

  2. Hello,

    I’m planning to visit tirupathi and for kalyanostavam in december,2015.We are 12 people which includes 1 infant of 1 year.

    3 Couples, 4 people (Age between 22 to 31) , 1 Girl child (12 years) , 1 Year Infant

    I’m going to book tickets at reservation counter.Will there be any limit to book tickets at counter?

    Can anyone tell me how many kalynam tickets & supporting tickets(300) i need to book?

    Thanks in Advance.

  3. I too faced the same problem. The tickets for Suprabatam seva and Thomala were available at 2300 hours but the Photo would not upload for some reason despite cropping and resizing. I could buy a normal Rs 300 ticket with the same Photo. Now at 0400 hours the next day all tickets are sold So , there is something amiss. TTD this is not correct

  4. k.suresh kumar

    I have to tickets one is suprabhatam & nija pada darshnam on 10/07/2015,want to know that
    I am going to q line one time or two time

  5. please suggest when the quota will be released when it releses can i receive mail

  6. Mr.G.V.Narasimha Setty

    Can you please suggest how to book thirupavada seva at ttd.

  7. on one kalyanotsavam ticket how many children are allowed and their age should be below…….?

  8. Gopalakrishna m r

    HARE SRINIVASA. I tried book kalyanotsavam ticket on 17th Jan 2015 for the seva on 18th March 2015. I had completed half. In between there was a computer problem. I had not paid for the seva yet at that time. when I retried the message flashed that TICKET ALREADY BOOKED. ANOTHER SEVA CAN BE BOOKED AFTER 60 DAYS. I have lost the opportunity. I have also sent a message to look to this. I AM YET TO HEAR FROM TTD.

  9. are there any timings for hair offerings???

  10. a. ravisekhar

    i would like to like visit on 18.1.2015 to tirumala any seva tickets will available at tirumala on that day for 7 persons

  11. Jayachandra Babu

    In which day thomala seva tickets will be released in online………

  12. if i book for Kalyanotsavam they will provide a room for that ticket???

  13. k.m.venkatachalam

    Is only new married couple would be allowed to Kalyanotsavam. What are the procedures for this.

    • Yes, only married couple allowed for Kalyanotsavam.

      • Hi Sai,

        I would like to visit TIRUMALA, on august 8th. We will reach tirumala by 9.30am on august 8th(which is friday). I would like to get kalyanotsavam tickets and accomidations tickets as well. So will you please help me with the process of tickets. I’ve seen online the quota for august 8th, 7th, 8th is not released. Will you able to tell when the quota is released.

        Thanks in advance.

      • It is not correct to say that only newly married couples are allowed for ‘Kalyanotsavam’. Couples and even individuals (not very young kids, I think) can perform the ‘Kalyanotsavam’ seva. Probably the poster is confusing this Seva with another special Darsanam. All couples who are married in Tirumala can avail the special Darsanam immediately after the marriage ceremony.

      • Jayachandra Babu

        Not only married couple ..any two person(Both two man also) will be allowed to kalyanotsavam…

  14. Can you please let us know, at what time the Kalyanam will starts in tirupathi.

  15. We were lucky to get suprabhatam tickets under electronic lucky dip system.. We registered with our name and mobile number at cross office..we got the selection message and booked the tickets before 8pm

  16. we need a room on 21st June for four members. Please reply with the procedure to book the room online


  17. hi friends i am trying to book tomala seva ,Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu seva and Archana seva from past 1 year when ever i am free i will see at 12.17 am one site get open but i never seen available some thing is going on with ttd site some thing is wrong if any one is in media pls show this to over country wht ttd is doing

  18. I am trying to book archana tickets by ttdsevaonline.com since the past two months each and everyday night between 12am to 1am. I never see tickets released , but the very next day that date shows red. Looks like ttd is doing fraud as usual . It would be good if some body get details by Right To Information act to verify online ticket sale for all seva’s and release to media. I m not in India , otherwise I should have do it.

    • Exactly even I am trying the same…but either the website is down or says quota full when it is up..I cant understand how all the tickets vanishes between 12.00 am – 1.00 am when the site is down also…i watched the same thing frm past 1month….its completely fraud..only sudarshanam and other utsavar sevas are available..too much money minded..its better they can remove those options..and yes I believe that our god is seeing us who are fooled.oneday or the other v will see him..and I will put a RTI for it too

  19. at wat time the (quota not released )category will b released for 11-1-2014.plz rply to my mail

    • quota will be release exactly at 12:15 and tickets will be booked with in 5 min for all sevas except vasantotsavam and kalyan…..
      try your luck in that 5 min..dont blame ttd…

  20. manivannan kannan

    pls guide me, what time will online booking quota be released?
    because i would like to book through the quota which above said for my family.thanx

  21. very good araing ments to piligrams .lot of people satisfied

  22. Hi
    Please tell me at what time online quota released ?
    Tell me.
    I want to book suprabhatha seva tickets

  23. I need to purchase the suprabhatam and Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu tickets online. Since I am not India please someone advice me when the quota get released.

    Hari Bol !

  24. seva tickets relasing time is 12:17am but with in fraction of seconds the tickets will finish

  25. the ttd online website is a waste…dont attempt even trying to book…the ttd officials are just fooling devotees that online booking is hassle free..etc etc…but to be honest the ttd officials do not release any quota of sevas where there are minimal number of tickets sold (eg suprabhata seva)….if you are desitned to be part of any of these sevas…then you dont need help from ttd…you will be called indirectly by the lord himself in some form or the other…ttd is a very corrupt organization…and everyone knows that…

  26. Balaraju_ Bangalore


    Friends, on 10th to 12th june 2013, me and my wife visited Tirumala, and had a Seva ticket for Sahasra Kalashabhishekam darshanam for 12th june.

    We got this dharshan by current booking quota. We was in 14 hours in ~Q~, near CRO OFFICE, We went to Quee on 11th evening 06 O`clock and finally we had two tickets at 08 AM of 11th june 13` for performance on 12th june. Which was performed near by 2.5 (two and half) hour seva. Which we can`t express the feelings. it is amazing and every one should see in their life time. (Ticket cost 850/- per head).

    Thanking you for reading this..

    may god bless with His Darshan to everyone.

    • Thanks for sharing this information. It helps a lot for our users who will be reading this post. You said 14 hours standing in the Queue, wow I would say you are totally devoted on visiting Balaji on that day.

  27. Do you have any idea when this quote will be released? I mean what time?

  28. Hello Sai,
    I will be travelling to Tirupati in month of May 2nd 2013 with my wife and 2 kids aged 5yr and 1 yr.
    1. I would like to know if i need to book normal darshan or book seva online, so that i can get darshan early.
    2. Rs.500 rooms are they near to temple.
    3. Also i will be reaching Tirupati around 3rd of May, So will it be possible to have hair offering and darshan done same day.


    • 1. I would like to know if i need to book normal darshan or book seva online, so that i can get darshan early.
      If seva is available online book it online or at nearest TTD office or you can book sudarshan ticket Rs50 darshan online just in case. Note that on some of the darshans (Kalyanam darshan) kids are not allowed. So check it.

      2. Rs.500 rooms are they near to temple.
      The Rooms are near to the temple.

      3. Also i will be reaching Tirupati around 3rd of May, So will it be possible to have hair offering and darshan done same day.
      It all depends on so many things, ex:- I think May will be summer holidays and exam results season expect the devotees to be very high. I would suggest book every thing in advance. In regards to darshan and hair offering, yeah it can be done on the same day. At hair offering they do maintain timings like 9 Am to 6 Pm or something like that.

      • 1. If i booked one e- accommodation ticket from ttd website then again i have to show it to any where to get the room or what ?

        2. Again i booked another e-ticket of Rs. 50/- e-subhadarsanam from ttd website then where the line will start and how much time it will take to achive the gole . Kindly guide………….

  29. tried many times to book kalyanostsav. But the quota always seems to be either full or not released. Any Idea, when and how can we know that the quota was released?

  30. Hello,

    Thanks for this informative post! I have tried, for the last 1 or 2 yrs, to book Arjitha seva tickets online – but, the quota always seems to be either full or not released. Do you know if there is a window when the quota would be available and I can book online?

    Thanks again for your kind service to all pilgrims!


  31. The online site is waste and it foolish the people. Whenever you see the availaility it shows in blue(Quota not realsed) or Red (quota Full). No one knows when quota realsed and when it full.
    It is the site just collect the donation. Nothing other than that.

  32. I would like to book seva tickets for my family 90 days in advance.

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