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How to register a domain name in India?

How to register a domain name in India?

Step 1: Choosing a domain name

Domain name should be simple to remember and should represent some thing about your company or what the web site is about. By choosing the domain name similar to your company name it helps your clients or customers to remember and recall the domain name easily.

Step 2: Selecting a domain name provider

After deciding the domain name, now you need to select a domain name provider. There are two different providers here

1) Direct Registrar

2) Re-sellers

Brief Info about the domain name provider

Selecting either of the above two depends on the price and the offers they provide. When it comes to Re-sellers, they resell domain names which the Registrars offers. To become Re-sellers one will have to make a deposit first. The price for the Re-sellers depends on the amount they deposit. The higher they deposit, the more margin price they will get.

Selecting your domain name

In this article, I will use the domain name provider webhost2buy.com which I have used for registering boloindians.com.

  • Click here to go to webhost2buy.com enter your desired domain name in the text box provided and select the TLDs like .COM, .IN, .CO.IN etc as shown in the picture and press the Look-up button.
  • After clicking on the look-up button, the website then displays if the domain name is available for registering and if available what TLD’s are available as shown in the picture.
  • Select the TLD’s, then click on Order Now button.
  • In the next page you will be informed to add web hosting and selecting free options available for that domain name. In case, if you already have the web hosting this is the page to update your Name Servers and then click on Update Cart button.
  • In the next page you will have the option to verify the information you have selected and if everything is correct then click on check out button.
  • After clicking on the check out button, enter your contact details, user name and password and select the payment type. After completing the payment, you will get a order confirmation email.
  • Once the order is accepted by webhost2buy.com, your domain name will be registered.
This process is same with almost all the domain name providers.

One comment

  1. Speaking of the top level domain name since this plays a large role in picking the right domain name for domain name registration; many experts have noted that before you go for a domain name registration, you should identify your top level domain. The .com is the most common top level domain that is used today, for it stands for commercial domains. Of course there are other types and each has its own uses and functions.”..

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