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How Vodafone cheat by activating caller tunes automatically

Yup I am a victim of Vodafone CALLER TUNE scam. One fine day there was a caller tune instead of a regular dial tone and then I got a message saying “you are due to be charged rental of Rs.30 for CALLER TUNE on 21-May. To deactivate, SMS CAN CT to 144(Toll Free)” as show in the picture of my phone. So I went ahead and sent the SMS CAN CT to 144 as shown in the picture, to cancel this unwanted service.


Oh boy, this is where the actual problem started. I was happy that the CALLER TUNE  service will be cancelled shortly and my happiness did not last long. I was shocked to see that they have activated the service and deducted Rs. 30 for CALLER TUNE (see pictures). Can’t believe what I have seen, I called the customer service 111 and for me to talk about the CALLER TUNE, they said that I will be charged .50 paisa  for every 3 minutes. Having no option continued with the customer service and spoke with the agent named DHARANI KETINEEDI, she was like blaming me that I have activated the service. When I have asked her, if I have activated the service then show me the proof that I have activated it, no response from her and was kept on hold and then she says that I have sent the SMS wrong and so on….. they are trained in such a way that “JUST BLAME CUSTOMER NO MATTER WHAT”. At last she said that the money will refunded by 21st MAY 2011. So waited till 21st and nothing happened.

So having no option called the customer care again today for 3 times, can you believe that 3 times they tried to avoid me.

1st call: She escalated to the supervisor and the call just disconnected.

2nd call: Called again, this agent begged me to get rid of me and escalated the call to supervisor and same as usual the call disconnected.

3rd call: I could not recall her name but she was one of the meanest representative I have spoken today, she was like whatever and when I was talking she kept the phone on mute can u believe that, and I was like hello hello hello, then got a reply saying that have you finished? This has reached my limit and told her that there is no point in continuing with Vodafone with customer service like this and hung up.

Then I got a SMS with service registration number 1293556232. I hope this gets solved and I even wrote an email to the customer service on Voda phone website. lets wait and see. I will update this post as soon as I hear.

We know that after number portability you guys are losing your customers left and right but this is not the way  to cover your loses with CALLER TUNES.

If you are  the victim like me, please submit your story here.

Please note: The above post is from my experience with Vodafone. I am with them for 3 years now and no intention of changing the service till now.

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  1. Sir I need to room 5/11/2015RS500 below

  2. Sourya Biswas

    My fiancee in Mumbai has had the exact same problem. I have mailed Vodafone and said I will take legal action, and ask for punitive damages. I have a brother who is a lawyer at the Maharashtra Bar and am trying to determine if something like an American class-action suit can be undertaken. These bastards are cheating people left, right and centre. Many do not follow this up thinking its only Rs.30. Now imagine Rs.30 multiplied by 1 million customers in every city and you can gauge the scale of this fraud. I have every intention of making Vodafone pay for this.

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