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Gift Coupon, Gift Voucher’s in India

This article is about the Gift cards/Gift Voucher’s in India. I will keep on updating this post as soon as I get my hands on gift cards from different vendors. As a start, I have couple of gift cards available for review.

CMR Gift Voucher in Andhra Pradesh:-

The good, it looks attractive and can be issued in any denomination in a single voucher. The bad, it is valid only for one month (it doesn’t matter if you take Rs.100,000 or Rs. 1000). They won’t be responsible if the Gift Voucher is lost. It is valid at all the CMR show rooms in Andhra Pradesh.

Cherma’s Gift coupon in Andhra Pradesh:-

The only good, it is valid for 3+ months. The bad, highest denomination I got is only Rs.1000/- so you will end up buying more gift coupon’s for higher denominations. The gift card looks very dull and outdated. It is valid at all the Cherma’s show rooms in Andhra Pradesh and they won’t be responsible if it lost.

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