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Cancel a lost Demand Draft(DD) of ICICI bank India Ltd.

Did you lose the Demand Draft issued from any Indian bank? Did the recipient lose the Demand Draft? Did you lose the Demand Draft in transit by Post Office? continue reading……My experience when I lost Rs.7000/- DD I have lost a Demand Draft which was issued from my ICICI NRE account in Andhra Pradesh. The manager at the bank where ...

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Buy IPO stocks from State Bank of India savings,NRI/NRE accounts using ASBA


In this post I will show you how to buy Initial Public Offering (IPO) stocks from a State Bank of India savings, NRE/NRI accounts. Yes, you can buy from NRE/NRI accounts also. All you need is your/fathers/mothers/any of your relatives Demat account information, Name and PAN card number of the Demat account holder. Incoming search terms:Do i nees to get ...

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