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  1. I purchased a DD and given to drawee but after giving them I felt that they cheated me and now I want to cancel the DD . is it possible for me ta cancel it

  2. please send e indmnity bond

  3. Has anyone heard of a bank named ING Vysya Bank.? Demand Draft was drawn and before it was handed over to the drawee., it was lost. ING bank told to draw an indemnity on a stamp paper of Rs. 200. After that, the bank said that the money can be credited only after the expiry of the validity period of the Demand Draft. On insistence, they asked to produce a copy of FIR. Scarp people and horrible systems.

    • Unfortunately this is the system we are dealing in India. All most all banks are same. They have to follow this procedure. On the other hand I would have said that I can’t find the DD.

    • Aakash Sharma

      Dear Sarjak,
      It is true that bank requires an Indemnity bond for lost DD form you, but the commitment of the bank for crediting the amount of DD after validity expired is not acceptable. The demand draft can even be cancelled before validity expired. After the validity expire, the DD automatically be cancelled.

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